In order to complete its architectural Renaissance, it seemed important that Château de Bournazel should regain, year after year, a central place in the Humanist culture of the 16th century. To allow specialists in French Renaissance culture, be they art historians, researchers, curators, linguists, philosophers, architects, musicologists or specialists in literature, to come together, as well as to offer lovers of the 16th century the pleasure of a cultivated or scientific debate, seemed a necessity.

Thus, began the ‘Bournazel Colloques’, a sort of provincial interlude in the world of conferences, study days and seminars on the Renaissance.

Each year, specialists from this period present works or studies in progress, certain reflections or avenues of research, confront questions or discoveries, raise hypotheses or echo innovative postures.
Note: the majority of presentations will be given in French.

Les 10e rencontres de Bournazel – septembre 22


27-29 September 

“The Bird in the Renaissance”

The 12th Rencontres de Bournazel will  cover the whole spectrum of the most current research around this very simple question: why did the Renaissance give so much importance to the bird in its daily life, in its writings and in its creations.

Researchers from many countries (Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Israel, the United States, the Netherlands, Spain) have been asked to share their work with us. We have not received all the answers. But the theme of the 12th Rencontres de Bournazel is already so much in the calendar of major cultural events on the French Renaissance, that the greatest specialists have already positioned themselves to come to Bournazel the last weekend of September

Day Pass for 28 September (including lunch) 

Adult €30 – Under 18’s €20

Themes from previous years:

«The Quest for Fortune in the Renaissance», 2012
«The passion for ornament in the Renaissance», 2013
«The taste of travel in the Renaissance», 2014
«The part of the gesture in the Renaissance», 2015
«Games and entertainment in the Renaissance», 2016
«Flesh and good food in the Renaissance», 2017
«The world of objects in the Renaissance», 2018
«Presence and imagination from death to the Renaissance», 2019
«Portraits of Renaissance Women» 2021
«Birth and creation in the Renaissance» 2022
«The City in Celebration during the Renaissance» 2023

Proceedings of the conferences

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The Association of the Friends of Château de Bournazel was created in January 2012 with the aim of promoting this exceptional Historic Monument, by organising cultural events contributing to the enhancement of the artistic heritage of the Renaissance. The association, through its actions, aims to encourage the reception of the public but also of researchers specialising in the period. In the same way, the association provides human, material and financial support for the conservation, restoration, protection and accessibility of the château.

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