Underway since 2008, the restoration work has three objectives: firstly, to save and perpetuate the existing elements, secondly to restore and enhance the monument by erasing the alterations of the previous two centuries, and finally, to restore the elements partially destroyed during the French Revolution and finally demolished in the 19th century by the Comte de Marigny due to a lack of financial assistance from the State.

Within this framework, the North Wing and the north-east corner were restored to reinstate the original volumes and provisions of the 16th century, apart from at two points where those of the 19th century were preserved to bear witness to the history of the château at the time of de Marigny. The East Wing, of which only the facade remained, has been entirely restored. This restoration-restitution was based on the remaining north bay as well as on the fully preserved foundations.

The current work concerns the Grand Staircase Pavilion. The discovery of this exceptional work was made during the first phase of restoration. The archaeological excavations that followed has allowed its structure to be freed and the lower door, giving direct access to the gardens, to be restored. The numerous materials recovered during this operation has made it possible to reinstate, with the greatest accuracy, the entire staircase.

The restoration work has been carried out by craftsmen who are accustomed to working with Historic Monuments using traditional ancestral techniques. Thus, for more than 10 years, stonemasons, masonry workers, upholsterers and carpenters have been working towards, as faithfully as possible, the rebirth of this château.


Bournazel Château & Garden

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