Every year, the Association of the Friends of the Château de Bournazel organises a rich cultural season in order to revive this jewel. The château hosts musical and theatrical events, university symposiums, artists’ residences, all of which highlight the extraordinary diversity of the European Renaissance.


Saturday, 27th July at 8pm

The Cabaret Décousu by Philippe Meyer

Noémie Zurletti: singer
Benoît Carré: Singer
Guillaume Laloux: Singer
Jean-Claude Laudat: Accordion
Books nearby Pascal Sangla: Piano
Philippe Meyer: Singer and Direction

With a new repertoire, Le Cabaret Décousu will walk us through the past years in songs. The repertoire will be varied, mixing cheerful songs and melancholy songs, known and unknown, to the delight of an increasingly loyal audience.

Monday, 5th August at 8pm

The Illuminated Concert, women composers of the Middle Ages

Atam Rasho: Drawing
Clémence Niclas: Vocals and recorders
Anna Maria Hefele: Vocals, diphonic singing and nickelharpa
Angélique Mauillon: Vocals and harp
Pierre Hamon: Flutes, drums, bagpipes and baroque direction

A concert that honors the figure of the woman in medieval music with works by Hildegard Von Bingen, anonymous compostions of the female monastery of Las Huelgas, a song of trobairiz (troubadour woman) and the musical lai that allowed Tristan to be recognized by Queen Iseult during the chapter “Tristan musician” of the trouvère Gerbert de Montreuil.

During the concert, live, Atam Rasho will create illuminations for the audience illustrating the pieces heard.

Tuesday, 6th August at 8pm

Vienna 1824

Schubert and Beethoven

Girolamo Bottigieri, Violin 1
Raya Raytcheva, Violin 2
Caroline Cohen-Adad, Viola
Florestan Darbellay, Cello

The Swiss string quartet Terpsycordes performs two major works in the repertoire: Schubert’s The Maiden and Death and Beethoven’s opus 132 quartet.

Wednesday, 7th August at 8pm

Pierre Hantaï, harpsichord

A disciple of Gustav Leonhardt and leader of the modern school of harpsichord, Pierre Hantaï has forged close relations with the Château de Bournazel. He returns in 2024, in a
programme to be defined shortly.

Saturday, 28th September at 8pm

The baroque harp in Italy

Pernelle Marzorati, baroque harp

The harp is one of the oldest instruments, very present during Antiquity (Egypt, Greece, Rome) and the Middle Ages. However, it was in Italy, during the seventeenth century, that its own repertoire was created, both lyrical and virtuoso.

Pernelle Marzorati is a very young harpist, probably the most promising of the new generation.

The concert will take place in one of the château salons.

Saturday, 26th October at 8pm

Los caminos del amor, Spanish baroque music

Les Kapsber'girls Ensemble

Alice Duport-Percier, Soprano
Axelle Verner, mezzo-Soprano
Garance Boizot, Bass  viole
Pernelle Marzorati, Triple harp
Michele Claude, Percussion
Albane Imbs, Archilute, baroque guitar and conductor

With this program the Kapsber’girls offer a dive into the end of the Spanish Golden Century by focusing on one of the most important genres of this period: the Tonos Humanos. In opposition to the Tonos Divinos, this term includes vernacular strophic songs appropriated by the Spanish composers of the time, like the Villanelles in Italy and the Brunettes in France. A program with shimmering colors of a still incandescent Spain, where the voices intertwine with the sounds of the harp and percussion.


Individual Concerts

27 April: Notes on the melody of things
May 18: Marin Marais – The manuscript found
27 July: The Cabaret Décousu by Philippe Meyer
28 September: Baroque harp in Italy
26 October: Los caminos del amor, Spanish baroque music

Adult : €25 – Under 18s : €20

5 August: The Illuminated Concert, women composers of the Middle Ages
6 August: Vienna 1824
7 August: Pierre Hantaï, harpsichord

Adult : €30 – Under 18s : €25


Package for the 3 summer concerts (5, 6, and 7 August)
Adult : €80 – Under 18s : €65

Package for the 8 concerts of 2024
Adult : €180 – Under 18s : €145

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Address: Château de Bournazel, Place du Foirail 12390 BOURNAZEL

Previous concerts 2024

Saturday, 27th April at 8pm

Notes on the melody of things, Lieder de Mahler, Wolf et Schubert

Océane Deweider, mezzo-soprano and Gabrielle Resche, piano

Concert-lecture, in which excerpts from “Notes on the melody of things” by the poet Rainer Maria Rilke enter into a dialogue with the ample melodic phrases of Gustav Mahler and the vocal pieces of Franz Schubert and Hugo Wolf.

Information and Reservations

Saturday, 18th May at 8pm

Marin Marais – The manuscript found

Noémie Lenhof, Viola da gamba
Alice Trocellier, Viola da gamba
Guillaume Haldenwang, Harpsichord

Marin Marais, made popular thanks to the film «Tous les matins du monde», has not revealed all its secrets. To the pieces published during his lifetime, we must now add those unpublished, found in the manuscript Panmure, preserved in Edinburgh, which comes to life here in the interpretation of a young group of musicians.

Previous Performances

2023 - Programme Musical

Hopkinson Smith, les Sacqueboutiers,  le Cabaret Décousu de Philippe Meyer, Jeanne Mathieu and Alain Roudier, Olga Pashchenko, Ensemble Phaedrus, Théâtre de l’Incrédule et le Poème Harmonique

2022 - Programme Musical

Florent Audibert et Matthieu Schweiger,  Le Cabaret Décousu de Philippe Meyer, Justin Taylor, Rémy Cardinale, Ensemble La Chacana, L’Armée des Romantiques et Tasto Solo

2021 - Programme Musical

Le Cabaret Décousu de Philippe Meyer, Bor Zuljan, Tasto Solo et Benjamin Alard

2020 - Ensemble Tasto Solo - « Virtuosity and Refinement at the turn of the Renaissance »

Three concerts by an ensemble now central to the European cultural landscape, featuring repertoires from the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. 

2019 - Ensemble Tasto Solo - Anna Inglese

Concert dedicated to Anna Inglese, one of the few professional singers working in Italy in the 15th century, whose “soft and subtle voice, not human but divine” had been noted in 1455. 

2019 - Carte blanche to the La Lyra ensemble

Three concerts devoted to the extraordinary evolution of keyboard instruments during the Renaissance, through three original and rare approaches.

2018 - Keyboards in the Renaissance

Ensemble TASTO SOLO (Guillermo Perèz, organetto, David Catalunya, clavisimbalum and Angélique Mauillon, renaissance harp) Enea Sorini, tenor and Corina Marti, Renaissance harpsichord Pierre Hantaï, harpsichord

2017 - Ensemble Doulce Mémoire​

Made up of a team of faithful and close-knit musicians and singers, the Doulce Mémoire ensemble has been involved for more than twenty-five years in artistic adventures that are always innovative, with the regular participation of actors and dancers.

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Crédit photographique : Robin .H. Davies

The Association of the Friends of Château de Bournazel was created in January 2012 with the aim of promoting this exceptional Historic Monument by organising cultural events contributing to the enhancement of the artistic heritage of the Renaissance. The Association, through its actions, aims to encourage the reception of the public but also of researchers specialising in the period. In the same way, the association provides human, material and financial support for the conservation, restoration, protection and accessibility of the Château.

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